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New Blog

If you are reading one of my blogs for the first time, welcome. I've decided to create Annette's Blog, which does simply what it says on the tin.

I have two earlier blogs, called HR and Public Service - Passion, Pain and Politics and Net E-Learning. Re-reading some of my earlier posts, I can see that they are of course variable in quality and some in particular are quite 'of their time' reflecting what I was experiencing, thinking and feeling at the time. Some are also very sector specific, which was OK at the time. The sector I was in was going through a lot of major change, and although I couldn't put all of my thoughts into a public domain, writing a blog helped me and, I hope, some of the people in that sector who read them.

I am about to move on again and am very excited that from December 2015 I will be running my own consultancy, AcumenHR Ltd. So the new blog is going to be more generic giving me the scope to blog about any HR, Organisational Development, L&…

My Dad, Determination, Resilience and Wizard Oscar.

Originally published on HR and Public Service - Passion, Pain and Politics in June 2014, and there's a version 'This Time it's Personnel' (Amazon e-book)

When I was a little girl I thought all dads made up bedtime stories for their children. My dad didn't ever read to us - he didn't need to - his imagination and ability to describe wonderful worlds of adventure and fantasy to my brother and I was enough to have us rapt and excited ready for the next installment the following night. He made up some characters such as Wizard Oscar (a late 1960s Dumbledore, who lived in a magical cave), and borrowed some others, such as Sinbad the Sailor, but made up new adventures for him. So from my earliest years, I found imagination, new ideas, building on existing ideas, adapting them and creating something special to be absolutely normal. I have tried to keep true to that, but inevitably life, responsibilities and particularly certain times in my career have got in the way. S…

Developing Resilience - Putting it into practice.

Initially posted on Net E-Learning on 15 October

Yesterday's CIPD Resilience Conference was followed up by a workshop today, called 'Building Resilience During Constant Change to Sustain Organisational Performance'. They could both stand independently, but today was a natural follow on, facilitated by Lynne Donaldson (@lindonaldson). I think that whilst yesterday covered the evidence and business case followed by lots of examples of well-being initiatives, today, we did get into the practicality of how resilience can be developed for individuals and for organisations, where VUCA is the new normal, and for occasions where organisations face sudden, unexpected turbulence.

There were about 16 of us there from a really diverse range of organisations, from large, traditional public sector, to commercial household names and medium sized third sector. One of the great things about the day was (as is every facilitator's dream) people's willingness to share experiences and …

Resilience Reflections

Initially published on 14 Oct on Net E-Learning

The CIPD Resilience Conference finished a couple of hours ago. I have lots to reflect upon as I have a quiet evening prior to the workshop tomorrow. Some of this is quite deep and personally resonating, for reasons I might blog about some time in the future. But for now, here are my initial reflections.
I decided to attend from a viewpoint of healthy scepticism. We've done 'stress awareness' training, seen health and well-being initiatives (some quite shiny), and striven for excellence in 'employee engagement'. So is 'resilience' the next big thing? Could increasing employee resilience actually be The Answer - to productivity, to absenteeism, to presenteeism, to harmonious employee relations...? I wasn't so sure, and I certainly did not think it was something that could be taught per se. I was also wondering what kind of work environments we have created that mean that you have to be resilient in order to …


Originally published on an earlier blog Net E-Learning in July 2015

Do you enjoy typos that subtly, or not so subtly change sentence meanings? Sometimes not even typos, but very similar words, where the wrong one has been selected unknowingly, or maybe subconsciously? One of my favourites is ‘morale’ and ‘moral’. I’ve been musing about writing a blog on this for a while, and although what follows is not quite as articulate as I would like, we have yet again in the media, examples of prominent people whose morals allegedly leave much to be desired. I also read this week that banking leaders are about to be audited on their ethics… So here is my case for the close link between morals and morale.
I think they have a very close relationship, so as someone with an interest in the roots, usage of and inherent meanings of words, but who did not study Latin, I looked up both words, expecting to find the same root, but I didn’t. 
‘Moral’ is from Middle English from Latin (moralis) and has been in…