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If you are reading one of my blogs for the first time, welcome. I've decided to create Annette's Blog, which does simply what it says on the tin.

I have two earlier blogs, called HR and Public Service - Passion, Pain and Politics and Net E-Learning. Re-reading some of my earlier posts, I can see that they are of course variable in quality and some in particular are quite 'of their time' reflecting what I was experiencing, thinking and feeling at the time. Some are also very sector specific, which was OK at the time. The sector I was in was going through a lot of major change, and although I couldn't put all of my thoughts into a public domain, writing a blog helped me and, I hope, some of the people in that sector who read them.

I am about to move on again and am very excited that from December 2015 I will be running my own consultancy, AcumenHR Ltd. So the new blog is going to be more generic giving me the scope to blog about any HR, Organisational Development, L&D, Organisational Culture or Leadership issue, as the inspiration takes me.

For now, I have selected 4 blogs that I have published previously, to share here on Annette's Blog.
They are all explicitly or implicitly related to resilience, the development and sustainment of which for individuals and organisations is highly dependent on leadership and culture. I would love to hear your views. Thank you.


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