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After the high tide:

After the high tide:
They stand in a row, tall or short, thick or thin, old or new

Some have a clearly stated purpose

Some dare to lean in a different direction

Some create barriers

Some broke under the strain

Some are well weathered

Some are a bit broken but, supported, soldier on

Some provide a stopping place

Sometimes temporary

Some create peace and tranquility

Some are not needed at all

Thu 14 January

Every so often, do you have a day when several things happen that you just know are going to have a far fetching impact, and leave you reflecting for some time to come? Luckily for me, yesterday was one of those. As I live in Weston-super-Mare, I always think carefully about the time it takes to get to London versus the benefit of what I’ll be doing when I get there. So, working backwards form the CIPD Leaders in Learning evening networking event, I arranged to meet with a small group of other new or newish independent HR, L&D, OD consultants, or maybe I should say folk whose business is all about developing people? I also arranged to meet a great friend (and former boss) for lunch.
The day met and greatly exceeded my expectations, but started with disappointment. My friend was ill, so he had to cancel. What to do instead? We’re meeting in Victoria later, so how about Tate Britain? So off I went for a wander round. Normally in an Art Gallery, I just explore, get lost in the cavernou…

Hunky Dory

I bet there are loads of Bowie inspired blogs being shared already. I retweeted one myself this morning. As I have spent much of the last 2 days holed up in my office at home planning and thinking, I’ve had the luxury of listening to old Bowie albums quietly on Spotify, and rediscovered some greats. However, my favourite Bowie song always has been, and still is Kooks. It’s very sentimental, but I don’t care if maybe that makes me and the song uncool, I still love it. Maybe it’s not possible for ANYTHING by Bowie to be uncool? But I’ll leave that to the serious aficionados.
There’s been some negative media today about people ‘over-mourning’ his death. I find that staggering, but there again the media do tend to follow a pattern, which always includes a dip and some (often nasty and uncalled for) negativity before re balancing or moving to the next big thing. Anyway, I think that for many of us 50 somethings (and over) Bowie’s sudden death has stirred up a lot of nostalgia and memories f…