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Valued L&D future conversations

Tim Scott has written the ultimate blog on the L&D Connect Unconference that took place on Thu 11 Feb 2016. Tim's blog here, so this short reflection in no way competes with that or comes anywhere close.
Some of us were also filmed saying how we found it, so we may turn up on online promoting this great format for future Unconferences. I loved the day and having felt trepidation about a day whose content in advance was a blank page, the 'unstructured structure' worked really well. I was just comfortable enough with it to absorb loads and contribute a little. Uncomfortable comfort?
At the end, in the fishbowl exercise, we discussed the future role for L&D and there was a suggestion the conversation may be circular. I.e. similar themes at the first Unconference 3 years ago. So, I pondered, what do we do about this and does it matter?
Like Tim, I am also an HR generalist who loves L&D and sees the inter relatedness of all things to do with people at work ... along a …