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I'm sorry but...

Consider the following two possible blog openers:
A)I’m sorry, I know loads of great blogs about language use are out there, but I’m going to share my thoughts with you anyway. B)The choice of the words we use is so powerful. I’m feeling inspired and so I’m going to share some thoughts with you.
Which one is most likely to make you want to read more?
In the ‘A opener’ frame of mind, I might say – probably neither but that’s fine, don’t worry. I’m sorry I wasted a few moments of your time, even asking…
In the ‘B opener’ frame of mind, I might hope others feel the same and that they might want to read my valid thoughts, and ideally we might debate, and we might challenge each other constructively, and all who joined in might enjoy the conversation… And, if not? No worries, I enjoyed writing it.
Recently, on Twitter, I’ve come across 2 articles, both shared by @Katherine_Coach about inhibiting words (Inhibiting is my descriptor – I could have used negative, unhelpful, limiting etc.) I corre…