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Tandem Teamwork for Children's Hospice South West

One of Children’s Hospice South West’s main fundraising events is the 3 day Ride for Precious Lives in July. This cycling challenge starts in St Austell, Cornwall and ends near Bristol 3 days later – having taken in Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor and Cheddar Gorge! The event link is here: Ride for Precious Lives
This charity is well supported and loved by the company my husband and daughter work for. Ray, my husband, took part in this event last year, and loved it. I was there at the finish line and in idle chat said that we would do it together next year, on a tandem. Then I found out that I was chatting to the Group CEO and his wife and suddenly we were committed. What had I done?
Since then, a lot has happened in our lives. Not in any particular order, we borrowed a tandem last summer and discovered how great it was for teamwork. I blogged about it here Learning on a bicycle made for two. In January, we bought our own tandem which I love but it hasn’t seen the training use it should have by n…

A Pertinent Blog

I love it when a L&D Insight Chat makes me really think. Especially when it’s about the language we use, and our different understandings and assumptions about meaning. This happened last Friday. The questions was:
“How do you give clients what they need?”
Inevitably, this led to some discussion on exploring the difference between ‘need’ and want’. This included a concern about the trickiness of not seeing impertinent (thanks to David McAra @DavidMcAra). I admit, I was somewhat floored by this. There are many things I really don’t want to be in my behaviour towards others, and ‘impertinent’ is definitely on that list. My reaction was quite Dickensian. I imagined some sort of combined scene from Oliver Twist and a very strict old fashioned schoolroom where the very act of asking a question of someone in authority would be met with a tirade about impertinence. The horror!
But then the discussion turned to being ‘pertinent’, which I perceive to be a good thing. The question posed howev…

Ignite Terrifcation

Guilty. Yes, guilty as charged with another case of imposter syndrome. I really should know better at my age and with all my experience… but I am getting quite nervous. You see, on Wed 11 May, I am 7th on in an impressive line-up of 8 wonderful speakers at the Ignite Lab at the CIPD Learning and Development Show. When I saw the list, my first thought was ‘I am not worthy’. Why, why, why did I allow such self-limiting thoughts for even a moment?
Well for a start, the format is challenging to say the least. 20 x 15 second timed slides that move on relentlessly. I did it last year and the time went in the blink of an eyelid. I nearly collapsed afterwards though. However, I felt more comfortable with my theme last year. I presented on the bite sized leadership programme I had co-created with an external and respected company to support middle managers as they transitioned from a public sector organisation and approach into the private sector.
 This year, I just wasn’t sure what I had to of…