Tandem Teamwork for Children's Hospice South West

One of Children’s Hospice South West’s main fundraising events is the 3 day Ride for Precious Lives in July. This cycling challenge starts in St Austell, Cornwall and ends near Bristol 3 days later – having taken in Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor and Cheddar Gorge! The event link is here: Ride for Precious Lives

This charity is well supported and loved by the company my husband and daughter work for. Ray, my husband, took part in this event last year, and loved it. I was there at the finish line and in idle chat said that we would do it together next year, on a tandem. Then I found out that I was chatting to the Group CEO and his wife and suddenly we were committed. What had I done?

Since then, a lot has happened in our lives. Not in any particular order, we borrowed a tandem last summer and discovered how great it was for teamwork. I blogged about it here Learning on a bicycle made for two. In January, we bought our own tandem which I love but it hasn’t seen the training use it should have by now – more on why below. I have also been through a huge change in my professional life, and now most of the work I do is, in fact, for two hospices for adults. Through this I’ve got to find out just how wonderful these organisations are and how the vast majority of the money they need to provide services at the most sensitive time in patients’ and their loved ones’ lives comes from fundraising.

So the Ride for Precious Lives has taken on even more meaning for me… On the downside though, going through a lot of upheaval in my working life, even though most of it has had very positive outcomes, has not been easy, and this has impacted on my health and fitness. Niggling injuries meaning I can’t really run or do high impact exercise anymore; more bad colds than usual over the winter leaving me tired for weeks with a direct impact on my exercise regime; and yes, one of the taboo topics – menopausal symptoms leading to poor sleep and various aches and pains. None of this is in any way serious in its own right, but the combination has meant that I have not got into a good training pattern early on. I am acutely aware that I have a lot of training to do in the next 6 and ½ weeks. So please wish me luck with that! This really is going to be a big challenge for me. Devon and Cornwall are pretty hilly! And no, you can’t put your feet up and coast on the back of a tandem. To help me out, our daughter has agreed to join Ray on day 2, so I get a rest day. So this is a company, family, team and individual effort for a very deserving charity. I hope you will think about supporting us.

The Virgin Giving page Edwards's Fundraising Page, 2016 has been set up by the team at the company and the individual names of those taking part are going to be added. If you are generous enough to make a donation, please mention Ray, Annette and Belinda. Thank you for your support.

PS. That’s not us on the tandem picture on the Virgin Money Giving page, but it could be next year! Below is a picture from a particularly difficult, freezing cold and into a strong headwind training ride, with our lovely deep blue tandem in the background. 


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