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Why I’m not using Facebook until it’s all over

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday: ‘I won't be using Facebook until after the EU Referendum. Even then, it may be a few days before I recover. Although tempted a couple of times I admit, I have tried so hard not to air my very strong views on Facebook, as I really don't want to get into polarized and damaging debates with people who feel strongly for the other side.
The stuff being posted and in particular the comments (from general readers, not my FB friends) following these articles (for either side) are pure vitriol and make me ashamed to be British. Xenophobia, outright racism, ignorance, naivety, endless ill-informed speculation, foul language, heinous comments about politicians of whichever side they are not on... I'm sick to death of it. It has really brought out the worst in many people and such hatred is toxic and damaging.
Bye for now...’

But, I’m remaining on Twitter (no pun intended, I am not a Sun ‘journalist’). I’ve always used the 2 platforms different…