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L&D Connect Unconference – Bristol version – 22 Sept 2016

An invigorating day of learning and talking about what matters to us about learning at work.For anyone who works in L&D, Training or similar (or who doesn’t but has a deep interest) who can get to a Bristol based venue.Informal, participant led event, where the people who matter are in the room.Opportunity to link up to people having similar chats in other UK and international venues.No rigid timetables, no sages on stages, no workshop lotteries.Chances to try out new discussion formats – open space, fishbowls etc.Loads of content to mull over and reflect upon for weeks afterwards.Great opportunity to meet people, who are also passionate about learning, from different sectorsI’ve tried to sum up above the essence of an Unconference. I’m also adding links to 2 blogs about previous Unconferences. I've chosen two that also link to others, including one by yours truly. All who've attended before seem to love to discuss, reflect, share ideas. I'm confident a browse through …

Several thousand bananas, flapjacks and jelly babies.

Here is my 3rd and final blog about the Ride for Precious Lives. It’s a long one, as befits a long 3-day challenge!
If you were kind enough to read the first 2, and to offer your support, you will know how much trepidation I felt about this physically daunting event; in fact, how terrified I was, especially as I knew I had not trained enough. Although I sit here just over 48 hours later starting to recover from ceasing up completely, with aching legs, swollen ankles, various insect bites, bramble scratches from Cornish hedgerows etc. I cannot express just how it feels to have done something so physically demanding for the sort of charity I hope no-one I know and love ever has to use, and yet am so happy exists for those who do need this kind of support.
Pre day 1, we were driven down to St Austell from just south of Bristol by one of my husband, Ray’s colleagues. And here the volunteering began – our driver was not taking part but did his bit by borrowing a van to take the luggage and …

Ride for Precious Lives

I blogged a few weeks ago Tandem Teamwork to talk about the Ride for Precious Lives and why we are taking part. With 4 days to go until the start, I wanted to say a bit more, thank people who have kindly sponsored us so far, and hope that more of you will be generous enough to do the same.
Everyone has a story about why they do physical challenges to raise money for charity. I’ve done the Race for Life before, a Colour Run and 3 half marathons. Each time I’ve raised some money for different charities and also used the training to get fit. This time it feels different and here’s why.
In my last blog, I explained that Children’s Hospice South West is one of the charities supported by the company my husband and daughter work for. I suggested doing it with him on a tandem this year, whilst waiting for him to arrive on his racing bike at the finish line last year. Although I was not particularly happy in my work at the time, I had no idea how much change was coming my way. I kind of knew th…