L&D Connect Unconference – Bristol version – 22 Sept 2016

  • An invigorating day of learning and talking about what matters to us about learning at work.
  • For anyone who works in L&D, Training or similar (or who doesn’t but has a deep interest) who can get to a Bristol based venue.
  • Informal, participant led event, where the people who matter are in the room.
  • Opportunity to link up to people having similar chats in other UK and international venues.
  • No rigid timetables, no sages on stages, no workshop lotteries.
  • Chances to try out new discussion formats – open space, fishbowls etc.
  • Loads of content to mull over and reflect upon for weeks afterwards.
  • Great opportunity to meet people, who are also passionate about learning, from different sectors
I’ve tried to sum up above the essence of an Unconference. I’m also adding links to 2 blogs about previous Unconferences. I've chosen two that also link to others, including one by yours truly. All who've attended before seem to love to discuss, reflect, share ideas. I'm confident a browse through will give you an excellent flavour of what to expect.

You may have read that I am one of the organisers for the Bristol version, in fact mine is the contact name. We are being quite ambitious with the timescale and our plans for linking the event, which is exciting and also a bit daunting, but we’re doing it anyway.

If you are interested, please contact me by DM on Twitter, LinkedIn message or e-mail annette.hill47@gmail.com

We’re getting the venue organised and an Eventbrite page is coming soon for ticket purchases. In the meantime, I’ll keep a note of who is interested and give you the first opportunity for ticket purchase. We normally do an Early Bird offer and I expect the price to be between £40 and £60.

It would be fantastic for Bristol to add a vibrant contribution to this event.


With great regret, we have cancelled the Bristol day. This is due to lack of numbers (see 'ambitious', 'timescale' and 'daunting' above!) Manchester and London are definitely still going ahead if you have come to this late and would love to join. The Midlands event may still be on too. The best place to go for the most up to date info is @LnDConnect.

I would love to hear from you if you wanted to come but couldn't, or were unsure or just not interested in this kind of event. Was it timing, not enough notice, too soon after 'back to school', location, cost, 'what the hell is an unconference anyway?' etc. We can definitely use your views next time we try.


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