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Music for a lifetime

A few days ago, I was nominated on Facebook to post a song from the 1970s every day for 7 days. For once a Facebook ‘challenge’ that interested me, and would be fun. So I went ahead, more or less followed the ‘rules’ and nominated a few people as I went along. As it’s late on a Bank Holiday I’m being frivolous and turning it into a blog. As most of us sharing the songs we loved are around 50 now, it was a fascinating decade to choose from (young child to mid-teens), and as I am so nosy (I mean interested in other people’s lives and loves) the autobiographical element was great. My main dilemma was either choosing stuff I could remember from the late 70s or selecting classics I grew to love when I was older.
So here we go with my 7 choices, and to make up a little for missing out whole genres (this decade probably had the most variety of pop and rock ever) I’ve noted each day what one or two friends chose.
Day 1 It was obvious that Bowie would be included, but not on day 1, because choosi…

Something on Communication and Language at work

How do we like to be communicated with at work?
What catches our attention?
And sustains it?
When do we feel that we are having grown up dialogue?
What makes us feel that we are going to be heard?
How do we know we’ve heard the message the way it was intended and vice versa?
So very many questions I could ask in this vein…
I love words, their meanings and roots, and a lot of the stimulation for me to write comes from parts of conversations that for whatever reason, really resonate with me. I’ve blogged before on certain words, and this time, I’ve had blog ideas swirling around on how we put them together and how much difference this can make to ultimate meanings and interpretations.
Three conversations happened this week to spark the thoughts that follow. Two were face to face and one on Twitter. The latter was with David Hayden, who has just written a thoughtful blog on ‘hope’, ‘try’ and ‘should’ Should L&D Try and Abandon All Hope?(favourite word of HR Policies – but that’s another blog…