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LnD Insight Reflection

Today I was the #ldinsight facilitator. It was a more contentious discussion than usual. I’ve thought about it quite a lot over the course of the day, and have yet to do the Storify. I want to write about why I do this, why I chose the question, my feelings during the chat and what I learned from today’s range of responses. Whilst my feelings are still fresh.
I am one of a small group of volunteer facilitators because I value the discussion, and get quite a lot of learning and reflection from it, or I wouldn’t do it. Coming up with questions is the fun part. Scheduling the tweets is a chore. Facilitating is what you choose to make of it – from leaving it to run through to asking follow up questions etc. We have discussions in our private admin group. An important question recently has been about inclusivity. How do we encourage new voices? A lot of the participants know each other quite or very well from Twitter, and in many cases in real life as well. I wonder if this leads to some sh…

Drink after work, anyone?

Disclaimer No 1: I’m doing something in writing this blog that I would normally frown upon. Reacting to our soundbite culture. Disclaimer No 2: I’m also reacting to one of my top two red flags. One is ‘we’ve always done it this way’ and the other is the use of ‘mother/mum’ when the term ‘parent’ should be used. The 2nd applies in this case. Disclaimer No 3: I am about as disengaged from the ‘divorced from reality’ Labour leadership contest as it is possible to be (which is very sad, but I really can’t let my head explode.)

So yes, I have reacted the ridiculous notion that after work drinks should be banned, as they could discriminate against working ‘mothers’! What? Are the following practices/actvities that fall outside of standard childcare times also heading for the ‘should be banned’ list? Early shiftsLate shiftsNight shiftsWeekend working24-hour away day eventsBreakfast meetingsMeetings in London that require an early trainWork football teams, quiz teams, choirs etc.
And what about al…