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A bridge too far?
A bridge over troubled waters?
Bridging the gap
One of the wonderful things about my new(ish) role is learning all about the work our volunteers do, and having our Volunteering Manager in my team. She is a person who oozes Emotional Intelligence and she is helping me to learn about the differences in approach to how we treat staff and volunteers. I had an appreciation of this already (and I’m a volunteer myself in various capacities) but it is even more finely nuanced than I thought. Or is it?
Well yes, contractually of course, but when it comes to how you treat people and show them they are valued in ways that have meaning for them? Something to think about…
Anyway, last week we were discussing the dreaded topic of policies. She had recently been talking to a group of geographically dispersed first line managers, whose teams include lots of volunteers. There can be an understandable nervousness about how to approach a ‘difficult’ conversation with a volunteer who may hav…

Social Leadership Handbook Review

Julian Stodd was kind enough to send me a preview copy of the Social Leadership Handbook. Although social leaders give freely, with no expectation of reciprocity, I feel that the least I can do in return is to write a review, having tweeted my way through the book as well.
I LOVE this book and I want all of my colleagues to read it to so we can ask some of the superb questions of our organisation suggested as the NET model is explored. One has ordered her own copy already – also to read on holiday as I did, and I’m ordering some more to gift to people. Paradoxically, I can’t bear to lend my copy out, as I know I’ll keep returning to sections to re-read and reflect, yet I haven’t written my name in it – as I don’t want to appear to claim ownership. If that sounds odd, it may seem less so once you have read it, and some of the excellent #WorkOutLoud blogs Julian Stodd and Seasalt Learning share so freely.

So, why did I love the ideas contained within this book so much? Well, I can only …