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A Matter of Manners

I’ve been part of the team assessing candidates at assessment centres recently for posts in our charity shops. I have been asked twice, once by a candidate and once by an existing member of staff, if we ‘bother’ to let unsuccessful candidates know the outcome?
I’m really quite taken aback by this question. (Although I’m not naive, I know this happens a lot...) 
·Our candidates have taken the trouble to tailor an application for us.
They’ve done on line relevant ability tests.

They have given up a day to join us for the assessment centre.

They have been shown around, participated in discussions and been interviewed. All with our values to the fore.

We and they have made quite an investment in the whole process.

So why on earth would we simply ignore anyone who we assessed on the day as not quite the right fit to carry out this post, at this time?

Three things spring to my mind immediately:
1.It’s a matter of good manners. Not getting in touch is simply rude. Politeness costs nothing, well a few…

Murmuration Inspiration

I bang on a lot about how I love living by the sea. I do, I really do love it – even in cold grey weather. And that’s when, surprisingly, I like it best.
A few days ago I was on the beach with my dog trudging along into the biting wind. It could have been a chore to endure.
Then I looked across to the sea, and for the first ever time saw a seabird murmuration. I stood and watched for a while. It was really quite magical. There was much majestic swooping, disappearances across the bay, then graceful reappearances.  
Usually I would whisk my phone out for photos, or my digital camera if I had it on me, but like many fair weather amateur photographers, I usually only take that out on clear days.
No, I thought, DO NOT get your phone out. What would be the point? They are too far away for much focus and it is very grey today. Anyhow, trying (and failing) to get a decent photo will detract from being in the moment. So instead I stood and watched, enjoyed and soaked it up.
Just those few minute…