Murmuration Inspiration

I bang on a lot about how I love living by the sea. I do, I really do love it – even in cold grey weather. And that’s when, surprisingly, I like it best.

A few days ago I was on the beach with my dog trudging along into the biting wind. It could have been a chore to endure.

Then I looked across to the sea, and for the first ever time saw a seabird murmuration. I stood and watched for a while. It was really quite magical. There was much majestic swooping, disappearances across the bay, then graceful reappearances.  

Usually I would whisk my phone out for photos, or my digital camera if I had it on me, but like many fair weather amateur photographers, I usually only take that out on clear days.

No, I thought, DO NOT get your phone out. What would be the point? They are too far away for much focus and it is very grey today. Anyhow, trying (and failing) to get a decent photo will detract from being in the moment. So instead I stood and watched, enjoyed and soaked it up.

Just those few minutes made me feel good for the rest of the day.

I even felt inspired to try to capture the scene using Paint on my Surface Pro. Here is my effort below. I’ve taken huge artistic licence and created a heart. I hope this makes you smile, leading up to St valentine’s Day.


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