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Context and Risk - a Diagram

How much process do we really need?
Is there a policy for that? (And must we use it?)
What would be proportionate?
Can we use much discretion?
What does the law actually say?
What is the bottom line absolute risk involved?
What if we get it wrong?
Is there a precedent for this? Would we be setting one, if not? (And does it matter?)
The questions above, and so many more, invariably accompany complex HR/People management decision making. If you’re in HR or line manage people, you’ve probably had lots of conversations covering the above – you may have also had to try to describe your approach to risk in an interview…
I’ve had the following on my wall sketched on some magic whiteboard for a while. I was planning to start to write in some generic examples… Then I started to think about a wheel (from the wheel of life) with an axis –LOW in the middle radiating out to HIGH on the circumference. What contextual issues would I include? I had a go (well several actually – many discarded) on drawing what t…