Look up, look around, listen

As I walk along, I look up, I look around, I listen, I straighten my shoulders. I find I am smiling. I start to become more aware of my breathing and how I am holding myself. I notice more colours and patterns as I look literally all around me. I also notice several different types of birdsong, and which direction it's coming from. My smile feels natural and comfortable and it settles. I am on my own outside on a glorious day, walking my dog, who is also really happy and waggy. God! I am so lucky. This is this afternoon's sunny springtime walk, 5 to 10 minutes away from my house.

Today wasn't always like this. I woke up tired again. Grey fug for a brain. That general headachy feeling that comes from lack of sleep. Unable to get back to sleep, but longing for decent sleep to envelop me. I'm 52, and some of my female friends may identify with this lack of sleep, and why. Night sweats, damn you! I have too much to do today...

I have always found getting outside and noticing all of nature's changing natural patterns to be very soothing and inspiring, and I do a lot of my best thinking then. On Friday at the CIPD West Of England Conference, the first workshop I attended was by Naomi Stone from St Monica Trust. The theme was The Benefits of Bringing Nature into the Working Day, and so, I learned the new term biophilia. A good description is here https://www.britannica.com/science/biophilia-hypothesis

One of the first things Naomi did was to ask us to talk to our neighbour about our favourite place. Virtually all of them were outdoors, scenic and linked to happy thoughts and memories.

I am lucky, one of mine (maybe my number one) is this afternoon's walk. Allow me to share it with you:

This is the view over Purn Hill in North Somerset. About a third of the way in on the left you can just see Glastonbury Tor on the horizon.

This is my favourite tree. Gnarled and bowed over by the elements. On some of the many other photos I've taken at different times of the year, and from different angles, you can see its almost 45 degree lean.

A glorious abundance of hawthorn blossom.

I like the blossom's contrast with the fresh green leaves and the bare branches.

The low path. Yes, you can take the high or the low path. I usually do a circuit, starting with high.

A view over Brean Down and the Bristol Channel.

Another much photographed (by me) tree.

The delights of the low path. I wish the sound video had worked so you could hear the birds singing. No other noises, just them, and occasionally a bird rustling in the branches, then taking off

First sighting of bluebell buds opening.

So how am I feeling now? Well, I still have a lot to do, but I have put things into perspective and prioritised. I have reminded myself of how I need to be in order to be be at my best. 
Some things I will get done.
Some things can wait.
Some things I might have wanted to do for the wrong reasons.
I'm still tired, but I've paid attention to my own wellbeing, and it feels good.


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