I have a very simple, and achievable New Year’s Resolution for 2018, and I’m hoping lots of others will join me.

It’s not one of the usual suspects like dieting, getting more exercise, cutting out sugar, or even Dry January etc. (though all of those remain constants in my life and a drier January is very possible.)

I am going to try to avoid using single use plastic and consuming products that come in hard or not possible to recycle packaging, such as take away coffee and certain cylindrically shaped snacks.

To help me in this, I am going to keep a daily diary of instances where I do end up using plastic or other packaging that I cannot recycle with certainty. And I will take a photo of the product packaging and tweet it (#reducesingleuse). I’m hoping that this commitment to record this will help me in this quest, and that as the months go by, I will have more and more days, hopefully weeks, where the daily dairy is blank.

My motivation? Even before Blue Planet – a massive wake up call, if ever there was one – plastic covered beaches and roadsides, both here and abroad. Just google plastic on the beach and the volume of different images, different beaches, same problem is quite staggering.

I’m not a member of any political party, nor an active environmentalist (which may change) and I am aware that there will still be things I do that are not good for the planet, but with modern lifestyles can be hard to avoid. This is one small and measurable action I can take to make a very, very tiny difference. Imagine if you did this too, and a few of your friends and their friends?
Some of the ideas I have already had to help are:
  • Ditch the capsule using coffee machine when I run out of capsules (which are a pain to dismantle to recycle) – replace with standard filter machine.
  • Carry a couple of re-usable coffee cups in my car.
  • Use a refillable water bottle (already achieved).
  • Take my own toiletries to hotels.
  • Never buy any product in black plastic moulding – our Local Authority take all other colours of plastic.
  • Buy products like mayo in glass bottles, not squeezy plastic....

I would love to share more ideas about this.

Will you join me? Please?

And a very happy and fulfilling 2018 to all my friends.


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