I've kept my HRMixtape short and sweet, some may say sugary sweet. Motown is the theme. It has been my favourite music since I was 14, and it's is where I always turn when I need some music to enter my soul and lift my spirits. Here goes:

1. The way you do the things you do by The Temptations
Because everything depends on how we in HR and professions that enable, support and develop people, do what we do. Hopefully this means talking to people, actively listening, interpreting the spirit of the policy, being kind and compassionate always - with toughness when necessary.

2. Reach Out, I’ll be there by The Four Tops
Because this gives me the chance to share my favourite flow chart (again) and because it is important that HR reach out effectively to everybody in the business, know the business really well and are there at the heart of things when we need to be.

3. Stop! In the name of love by The Supremes
Because this is what needs to happen to bureaucratic, lengthy policies and overly elaborate procedures and rules. Keep it simple, user friendly and proportionate.

4. It’s the same old song by the Four Tops
Because, gulps, we do navel gaze somewhat as a profession. It's about what we do (see 1 above) not what we call ourselves. Old wine in new bottles? Seat at the top table? See 3 above...

5. I guess I’ll always love you by The Isley Brothers
Because this is how I feel about our wonderful profession, and everything it throws at us.

I hope, if nothing more, you've enjoyed the these amazing picture covers.


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