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Leadership and Management. Is there a difference? How much does it matter?

Once upon a time there was a naïve and idealistic young arts graduate, who was given her first team of 2 people to ‘manage’ in a small office down a dingy corridor in a Civil Service building. A couple of years later, from a shared general office in the middle of a hospital, she was starting out on 20+ years in the NHS in management positions. It was the late 1980s. General Management was the new shiny thing. Administration was well and truly out of fashion. What mattered most for a manager – being liked or being respected? That was a popular question. And of course, the ‘right’ answer was being respected. That person never felt comfortable with that question and the expected response. That person was me.

(Before I continue, please note, or if you are of my vintage, please recall what the 1980s were like generally, and that there was not the wealth of evidence we now have showing the clear link between treating people well at work and better productivity. I always felt intrinsically th…