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Shopping for a great candidate experience

We haven’t got the time to do an assessment centre. You haven’t got the time to sort out an appointment that does not work out later on…
We’re so busy, we’ll just squeeze some interviews in next Wednesday. Appointing the right person for the post is one of the main investments you’ll make this week/month/year. This must be prioritised and planned properly.
We’ll try to do the shortlisting tomorrow. What? See above….
Does the above sound familiar? For the last 18 months or so we have been on a bit of a mission to improve recruitment and retention particularly in the retail part of our charity. I blogged about this a while ago A Matter of Manners when we had just adopted this approach. A really important by product is the candidate experience whether or not they get the job. As well as getting the best person for the post, we want every candidate to feel that they had a good morning/day/afternoon with us, received fair feedback and are likely to feel positive about our charity going forwards –…